The most likely way people will come in to contact with TrenDNA will be through the clue-finding toolkit. TrenDNA recognises that we're all busy and have a need to cut through the noise and get to the useful, hands-on stuff as quickly as possible.


The main job the tools are designed to do for you is to take you on a structured journey from fuzziest of front ends ('what should we be doing in 2025?') to a set of clear, actionable insights and directions.


The toolkit has been designed in such a way that you could be running your own TrenDNA clue-finding sessions the same day you're first exposed to the tools.


Access to the tools comes in one of two ways; through the physical 'session pack', or through the online TrenDNA software:


Session Pack: contains 160 trend cards and A1 process map and instruction book. All you need to start running your own TrenDNA sessions.


Software: the TrenDNA software allows individuals or teams to run their own confidential clue-finding sessions interactively on-line. The software covers every industry domain, B2B or B2C, with validated data covering most geographical regions of world.






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