We’ve designed TrenDNA so that you can run the process yourself. Sometimes, however, we recognise your team is busy, or that you would value an outsider’s perspective on the problems and opportunities you’re working on. Our dedicated in-house team is equipped and ready to take on pretty much any kind of TrenDNA project, in any part of the world, in any sector of society.


All we need from you are your start point questions-to-be-answered and desired end-point.

  • Why have our sales plateaued?
  • How long will this product continue to be successful?
  • What should the next one look like?
  • What’s really driving my customers?
  • Where is my next breakthrough going to come from?
  • What markets should I be in 5 years from now?
  • Which ones should I exit and why?






We can typically get you here in 2-4 weeks…










…then, if you need it,  use our complementary Systematic Innovation and PanSensic toolkits to get you here…









…then, if you need a complete turnkey answer,  use our network of rapid-prototype manufacturers, test-labs and consumer test facilities.




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