The TrenDNA story started back in 1999 with a pair of great questions from some of our clients:


How can I capture what customers really want without asking them?


How can I spot societal and market trends before they appear?


The resulting TrenDNA methodology represents the outcome of a 10-year investigation designed to answer those questions. We have systematically studied over 3.5 million case studies, and have uncovered real answers.


We have, throughout, adopted a philosophy that tries to disprove hypotheses. What we’re left with is what we call the ‘DNA’ of human behaviour. We can’t quite call it ‘universal’ (the research is still ongoing!), but we know it works in all the parts of the world – US, Europe, China, India, SE Asia, Australia, Brazil - that we have conducted our academically rigorous programmes of investigation. To date, over 100 respected anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists, historians and marketers have been actively participating in the work.


The result is a six-step sequence of clue-gathering tools that systematically walk a team through all the perspectives that drive the human behaviours that will have an impact on the products, services or messaging strategies they are trying to create. Most attempts to develop new solutions end in failure. Most of these failures occur Because teams work on the wrong problem. At the heart of TrenDNA is this simple insight: its not the trends or the things people say that drive behaviour, it’s the relationships between them.


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