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TrenDNA is designed for marketers, anthropologists, designers and people responsible for understanding other  people. It’s about helping you to understand what drives human behaviour.


Everyone understands the importance of listening to the ‘Voice of the Customer’. Most also recognise that the customer is very often reluctant or, in many cases, unable to tell us what they want.


TrenDNA is about helping you to uncover the unspoken things that drive peoples’ behaviour such that you are better able to design the products, services and messages that will create the most beneficial impact to them. That’s what this website is all about: helping you find the right problem.


Our team of TrenDNA specialists is also connected to a complete suite of other Systematic Innovation offerings. Once you’ve found the right problem, you might wish to:

  • conduct a comprehensive measurement of unspoken behaviour drivers pansensic
  • generate the best solutions to that problem SI site
  • link what you’re doing to the overall strategy of your organisation meta-innovation
  • establish whether your organisation is capable of executing your project icmm


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